getting out there

It seems winter came just as it was officially spring.  We had weeks of beautiful weather in the upper 60s and lower 70s in late February and early March, but Hunter was so freshly hatched then I just wasn’t up for much.  Once that spring equinox came and went we had snow almost every weekend.  Things have taken a long time to get green, but I think now it is safe to say spring has finally sprung.

house maps on the driveway

The driveway has become a maze of rocks and chalk-drawn rooms.

playing in the grass and dirt

The animal houses are extending into the lawn, too.

strawberry blossoms

Along with 4 rabbits out front we spied the first strawberry blossoms.  Now to figure out how to keep the strawberries safe from all the rabbits.

smells good

And we’ve got lilacs in bloom!  I didn’t miss the biting gray misty gloom of Ohio in winter, but I must say now that it’s spring I’ve been longing to see redbuds and magnolias crowned in pink, so the lilacs in our backyard make me smile.

If you’re wondering where we are, we’ll be outside.

4 thoughts on “getting out there

  1. wow where did that snow go? not that you wanted it to stay! that was amazing! the kids here are looking for bugs and water creatures its finally spring!

  2. I have lilacs blooming also. Sadly, for me, that is not a good thing. I am very allergic. So my mom comes every year and cuts all the flowers off so she can enjoy them at home. Why don’t I just chop down the bush altogether? It provides a nice veil of privacy from the street.

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