The Portrait Project :: part 2

With the snow day yesterday we had Dad home, happy kids, and lots of good light.  I got the big sheet back out, set up the tri-pod, and got up and down many, many times to push the self-timer button.

We got a lot of pictures like this:

self-timer family portraits

self-timer family portraits

self-timer family portraits

but we did get one good one to spruce up and hang with the others.

the keeper

I must say, I am one lucky girl.  I have the most handsome husband, and the cutest kids– e v e r.

8 thoughts on “The Portrait Project :: part 2

  1. I agree — you have a gorgeous family :)

    These are really fun — self portraits involving this many subjects is borderline crazy – but you did it so well :)

    If I can just offer one tiny suggestion — I would move the subject a few feet away from the backdrop — that way you’d avoid the rinkles in the back (i hope that wasn’t out of line — I just thought if you had the space it would help!)

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