the baby had a birthday and got a hat

the baby had a birthday

My little guy turned one a week ago. I don’t even know what to say about it. I love having babies. I love watching them grow… if only it took a little longer to go from a little squeaky lump of perfection to a running ball of chubby energy. *sigh*

He wasn’t sure what to think of the whole celebration. To be honest I think he was a bit scared of the candle. (Nothing like the excitement of this first birthday.)

When I saw the hat that Meg made for Finn a few weeks ago I knew just the handmade gift I wanted to make for Hunter for his birthday.

and got a birthday hat

It’s the Stella Pixie Hat and the pattern is gloriously FREE through ravelry. I knit it up with a strand of Knit Picks kettle dyed sock yarn in Spruce and a strand of Pagewood Farm Chugiak hand dyed sock yarn in the Peaceful colorway. I spent my week of no computer or computer genius to knit it. I stayed up really late. I didn’t do the button neck band, just made about 8 inches of i-cord on both ends of the neckband so I can tie it. I think that makes it easier to make it stay on.

I took my little elf for a walk, but he moves so fast the majority of my pictures turned out like this:

most of the hat pics looked like this

He must scrunch up his nose, squeal in delight and try his darnedest to run every second he’s outside. Unless he finds something to examine.


Then he’ll slow down for maybe a second.


He’s worn it near constantly since his birthday. It must pass the itch test because he doesn’t try to pull it off.


Or maybe he just knows how cute he is.

the pixie hat

So stinkin’ cute I can hardly stand it.

7 thoughts on “the baby had a birthday and got a hat

  1. Lovely!!! What a beautiful fresh look at a baby’s birthday! May you have so many beautiful days like this, little Hunter! What will you become, what dreams will you follow? May your family unfold those mysteries with you and help you follow your heart. May you keep on to inspire as you already do, to live simpler, to listen to a child’s heart, to find everyday joys! Your “fans” Nel Family

  2. How absolutely adorable! The knitting is so beautiful too! Today I am especially missing you and the kind of people like you that I have in my life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Happy Birthday Hunter! And welcome back Jessica!

    This hat makes me want to learn how to knit, very cute!

  4. Eek! Cuteness! I love the yarn you chose – and isn’t it great that this hat will fit our little guys for a good while?

  5. What a point!
    Can’t hardly believe how cute he is. I especially love the picture where you are tying the hat on.
    Pretty amazing how different all our personalities are – love the candle comparison :-) Two of the cutest little people in the world.
    Can’t wait to be there in person.
    Love you!!!!! xoxoxo to everyone

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