toddler color learning

So, the other day I discovered that Hunter knows his colors.  He was driving his lovely rainbow of cars around and saying the color name of each one.  I wasn’t sure if it was for real, so I asked, “Hunter, can you drive the green one?”  and he got the green one!  Then I asked, “What color is this car?” and he answered “ornge” (one syllable).

acorn color sorting

Since then he has been really interested in color– the color of the cup he’s drinking out of, the color of shirt he wears.  I thought I’d build on that interest and make him a little school activity.

coloring sorting

Inspired by all of the color sorting activities available at this shop on etsy, I ordered some mini acorns and bowls from Casey’s wood products.  I used water color to paint them and the beeswax paste we have for our table to seal them.  I wish I had ordered larger acorns, but still I really love how they turned out.

little bowls and acorns

It’s fun to watch how Hunter, who is almost 21 months, uses this material.  He grabs a handful of acorns and puts 2 or so in a bowl, looks at them, and then takes out any acorns that don’t match.  Sometimes he’ll pick up a bowl to look at it closer to see if it matches the acorn in his hand.  He spends 5 to 10 minutes working, then walks away.


color sorting acorns

toddler color sorting

I certainly don’t think activities like this are a necessity for teaching young children– all of my kids have learned the colors, shapes, alphabet, and letter sounds in a very natural way through everyday life.  But, as my family grows and older children need my attention and toddlers need something to do other than climb on tables and empty drawers in the kitchen, Montessori inspired activities that are engaging and matched to the child’s current interest are proving invaluable for a happy day, happy children, and a happy, sane mama.

6 thoughts on “toddler color learning

  1. Jess, not sure if you remember me but I knew Barry and dated Mark back in Durham and moved out to Utah around the same time Barry did. Anyway….years later I am sitting here reading your incredible blog. Amazing to me that Barry and I both joined the church and really changed our lives that January back in Logan.
    I don’t have too much time right this moment but I can’t wait to come back here and read all your fun stuff.
    We have ALOT in common. Love your photography, it’s beautiful and love your projects. I move pretty slow with some of my sewing projects but I love it and my kids are really into sewing and taking classes.
    I did see your post about your backpacking trip….so neat. Jake started taking our kids backpacking young and a few people thought they were too young but it was one of our most memorable family times.
    Glad to come across your blog, so good to see your darling family. I’ll be back for sure!
    This {YOU..are} is SO sO inspiring……

  2. Hi there! I found your lovely, lovely blog via Flickr. This is such a fun activity and I’m grateful for the supply links.

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