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working on the mantel

So, I did my mantle re-do research last week and found ideas I loved at a new-to-me decorating blog called The Lettered Cottage.  This spring mantel arrangement was my favorite thing I saw on the whole internet– totally school room friendly and clean and fresh.  My interpretation is not quite as pretty or involved, but the only thing I had to buy was an ugly thrift store flowery painting.  It had no glass and the picture was printed on stiff board, so all I just painted over the painting with chalkboard paint and turned the gold frame white.  That was easily done in a morning.  I think it will be fun to change up the words and draw pictures every now and then.

If you remember my mantel-cubby thing used to be mauve.  SHHHH!  Don’t tell my landlords, but one of the walls in the living room is painted a tannish color.  Barry found the left over down in the basement so I used it to cover the mauve.  Technically, that’s not changing the paint colors in the house right, since this color is used in the house?  I don’t think they’ll notice.  It certainly makes me feel better.

I know my candles would look better if they were pure white instead of cream colored, but they’re what I have.  I think some apple green pottery would be a fun addition, as well as something white and small on the walls on either side of the black board.  I’m on the look out for something that I love.  I don’t want to buy things just to fill spaces– but because I think they’re beautiful and they make me happy.  And I prefer artist made things rather than China made things, of course.  I’ll keep an eye on etsy for things that fit the bill.

pear vase

In the meantime– happy spring!!

3 thoughts on “mantle work

  1. Love the idea of the chalkboard frame! I pick up thrift store frames and redo them all the time for pictures. And I adore the little bunnies. Where did you find them?

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