my day in 5 photos

first thing I saw this morning

Sleeping Beauty.

new mantle art by super hero artists

Iron Man and Ian creating a masterpiece for the mantle.

math games

Math games with beans and homemade dice…

snow tastes good mom!

Ahhh, Hunter can still wear his hat.

elf ears

Figuring out elf ears.


3 thoughts on “my day in 5 photos

  1. Is that snow in Colorado??? Seems like when we lived there it was always super cold for Halloween. Brenna has such gorgeous eyes. I love your day!

  2. When you figure out those elf ears you need to share the secret. All three of my kids would be in heaven if I made them a pair.

  3. AAAH…I knew it was cold there but that much snow! Gotta love Denver. Miss you. So fun to see your cute kids :)

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