1 month old

1 month

My freshest baby is already one month old.  It’s been a whirlwind and feels like she’s always been a part of us at the same time.  I love holding her with her soft little cheek against mine, feeling her baby breath, and thinking that this is my very most favorite thing I’ve done in my whole life.  I LOVE having a newborn.  I love the treasure of having a little person that is both a part of me and its own at the same time.  I love soft skin and fuzzy shoulders and whispery sneezes.  I was going over old posts about my other babies and love what I said when Ian was tiny:

I just look at him and say to myself, “Remember this–how he looks, how it feels to hold him. He won’t remember this time– it’s all mine. These short months of tininess are God’s gift to mothers. The sweetness, perftection, complete dependence are just for me– to treasure, to see everytime I look at him, for the rest of his life.”

I don’t know how to say it any differently.  I love having a baby.

I thought I’d show you some handmade gifts from lovely friends on Eva’s 1 month birthday.  I waited until a bit too late in the day to have good light, but here are some more pictures anyway.

1 month

My kindred spirit April made Eva a super cute quilt.  (You can see better photos of the whole thing here.)

And the sweet gown and flower are from my talented friend Jodi.

big flower

Thank you friends for being excited about my little girl too.

And happy one month birthday tiny Eva.  We’re sure glad you’re ours.

4 thoughts on “1 month old

  1. Something about the eyes and smile remind me of Brenna in that second one. Cute, Cute!! I love what you wrote and remember those feelings too!!! Mine were about you and still are. :-)

    Keep praying Katie gets to bring her baby home soon. She is having a really hard time not getting to snuggle Savanna much.

  2. Jessica – she is so sweet! I’m so sad we’re not there to see her in person. Thanks for having a blog so I can keep up on your life!

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