a Christmas adventure

I know I am way behind on posts.  Christmas came and went and I haven’t even told you about our Thanksgiving trip yet.  Oh well.  I’ll get to it soon I hope.  Today, though, I feel like making a Christmasy post.

Every year my Grumpy sends us Christmas money to get the kids something from him.  We try to use it to create fun memories or DO something we normally wouldn’t get to do instead of just adding more stuff to our home.  This year we decided to do something we could only do in Colorado.  We took a Christmas train ride up in the mountains on the historic Georgetown Railroad.

at the georgetowne railroad

We all bundled up.  It was beautiful and snowy and very Christmasy.


here comes our train!

the engine

and Santa was on it!

Santa found our little guys even before we got on the train.

hunter and santa

out the window

Because of the snowy tracks the train just goes back and forth on its route around the mountain so it doesn’t ever have to switch tracks.  We sat in the very back of the train in the cattle car because that’s where it would be easiest to keep our herd together.  That’s where the most windows were too, so we got a really good view of the winter wonderland.

smiley dad

listening to the conductor
lights out the window

Santa's visit

Santa came through the train to see all the kids and he gave them each a special Christmas bell

have gave out bells

Santa and the 11 year old

visiting the boys

candy canes

and candy canes.

at the end

the night lights

It was a fun adventure– creating just the kind of memories we had hoped.

Thanks Grumpy!

3 thoughts on “a Christmas adventure

  1. Wow, I’ll show Grumpy your post when he is here next. Was just here last night, but I hadn’t been on the computer since Thursday…

    Perfect Christmasy adventure. Love it!! Love that SANTA… WOW :-)

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