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Can you see what I’m looking at there on my fancy schmancy new iPad?  It’s the sleep pod pattern!  That’s what all of my computer time has gone toward this week while Barry was home for Christmas vacation.  Want a closer look?

the SweetPod sleep pod pattern is here!

You can read my product description over here on my pattern page and buy a copy from my shop if you’re so inclined.

The really sad thing is that Eva has outgrown hers.  Just this week it has turned into the diaper basket.  It does make a good cloth diaper basket and I’m sure it will hold all of her stuffed animals and dolls in years to come.  I can’t bare to just hide it away in the basement.

(And I must add that my iPad is super cool and a completely unexpected surprise.  It was so fun to Skype with on Christmas day so grandparents could see the kids open presents, I’ve got my current knitting pattern on it so I don’t have to keep reprinting it out because I lose it, and best of all I’ve been using it to do yoga every morning in my room first thing.  It truly is a marvel!)

5 thoughts on “announcing…

  1. Yippee!! I’m so exited to sew one up!!! I’ll probably wait until the next little one is about to come (no announcements :), but I LOVE your idea of diaper/toy basket. I loved seeing it in real life. Miss you!!!

  2. Congratulations! It looks beautiful. Now that I’m expecting again I will FINALLY have an excuse to try out your patterns. Love them all.

    Oh and it is sad that your little miss has already out grown it. Boy how time flies.

  3. we loved being able to see the kids.. and it was neat to see Eva react to our voice :)

  4. The pattern looks SO PROFESSIONAL… Great job!! And of course you have the most beautiful model there. And yes multipurposing it is best, would not be good to hide it away.
    Love you :-)

  5. I am working on this pattern now- I’m really enjoying it! But, I have run into a problem- the 28″ of Nu-Foam called for doesn’t seem to be long enough for the bottom pattern to be traced onto it. I measured the bottom pattern and it measures just over 14 1/2″ when you measure to the fold- meaning that doubled, it’s about 29″. Just frustratingly short enough that I don’t think my 28″ piece fits very well. I also got 2/3 yard of flannel for the mattress cover and 2/3 yard cotton for the envelope cover, and after washing, that wasn’t wide enough to cover the mattress. Not a huge problem but a bummer to have to go back to the store for more fabric.

    My question is, did the pattern print out too large, or do I need to go get more fabric? All my little 1″*1″ squares printed the right size.

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