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strawberry pickin’

Last weekend Barry and all 4 boys went on our annual church Father-Son campout, so Brenna, Eva and I were on our own.  It is so fun that there are 3 of us girls now!!!  We decided to head up to Berry Patch Farm one morning to pick strawberries.

We came home with a few strawberries, two heads of really pretty lettuce, and a new basket to carry around my current knitting project in.

strawberries and pretty lettuce

a one project basket

We came home with a lot of photos on my phone too.  Brenna was the camera wielder, I was the baby wearer.

strawberry pickin'

strawberry picking with a baby on my back

little berry

squat, pick, stand, step, repeat

golden beetle


baby fingers


Eva was really good and seemed perfectly content, even when I was squatting.  My legs sure got a workout–squat, pick, stand, step, repeat–with 22 lbs. on my back.  I had planned on getting there at 8:00, we got there at 10:00.  The berries were pretty picked over and it was hot, but just when we were ready to head back to the barn we tried one more spot and it was perfect– lots of big red berries just there for the picking.  If my legs hadn’t been shaking from our previous hour of super squatting we would have picked more.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the hens and roosters pecking around the picnic area.  There were a lot of roosters.  I think they outnumbered the hens 3 to 1.

Store bought strawberries just can’t compare those little organic, red through and through, nuggets of deliciousness.  We didn’t have enough for jam, which means that we’ll have to go back.  That’s okay.  We got to eat them all!

strawberry eater


something new!

Can you see what I’m looking at there on my fancy schmancy new iPad?  It’s the sleep pod pattern!  That’s what all of my computer time has gone toward this week while Barry was home for Christmas vacation.  Want a closer look?

the SweetPod sleep pod pattern is here!

You can read my product description over here on my pattern page and buy a copy from my shop if you’re so inclined.

The really sad thing is that Eva has outgrown hers.  Just this week it has turned into the diaper basket.  It does make a good cloth diaper basket and I’m sure it will hold all of her stuffed animals and dolls in years to come.  I can’t bare to just hide it away in the basement.

(And I must add that my iPad is super cool and a completely unexpected surprise.  It was so fun to Skype with on Christmas day so grandparents could see the kids open presents, I’ve got my current knitting pattern on it so I don’t have to keep reprinting it out because I lose it, and best of all I’ve been using it to do yoga every morning in my room first thing.  It truly is a marvel!)

the SweetPod SleepPod

SweetPod SleepPod

I love having a Moses basket for a newborn.  It is so nice to have a cozy place to lay baby down right next to me wherever I am in the house– on the couch while I’m reading to other kids, on the floor next to my sewing table, in my room next to my bed.  It’s her own little sanctuary that even the 2 year old understands is the baby’s bed.

So, when I was dreaming about Eva coming I decided I wanted to make a Moses basket and write up the pattern to add to my SweetPod collection.

SweetPod SleepPod

Here it is!  It’s been in constant use for the past 4 weeks (Really, it’s been 4 weeks?!) and I’ve decided it passed the functionality test.

SweetPod SleepPod

It has a removable, washable quilted bumper pad,

SweetPod SleepPod

and a mattress with a removable, washable cover.   I’m just about done with the pattern writing.  I have had such a hard time making myself sit down and write it, but I made a lot of headway today and will be ready to send it out to testers by next Friday for sure.

perfect place for the fresh baby

I have to say up front this is not a quick project or an inexpensive one, but as a mama of 6 I definitely think it is worth the work and money to have a super cute, comfy place to lay my perfect little bundle.

Anyone want to try it?  **I’ve got all the testers I need, thanks!** I’ll need 2 testers.  If you’d like to be one send an e-mail to jessica {at} seedpodcraft {dot} com and let me know how quickly you think you could get it done (give yourself at least a week) and what kind of sewing experience you have. Luckily, all the supplies should be available at your local JoAnn’s and quilt store.  I’ll let you know whether or not I’ll need you as a tester by Wednesday and get the pattern e-mailed to you by Friday next week.