carving out a corner

baby corner

Here’s Eva’s corner in my room– full of things that could each be a blog post in and of themselves.

a new moses basket and hand knits

There’s the new Moses basket I designed that will be my next baby gear sewing pattern (the SweetPod Sleep Spot maybe?), new handknit booties and hat for a fresh head and toes…

newborn diaper stash

the newborn diapers all freshly washed and waiting…

hexagon stripe quilt

a newly slip-covered rocking chair and a hexagon stripe quilt…

On Monday I had contractions every 10 minutes ALL DAY LONG– from about 7:30 in the morning until 9:30 or so at night.  While I could tell that it wasn’t quite the real thing yet I also felt like it could turn very real any second.  I was on a roller coaster of thought and emotion.  I wasn’t ready!  I need this one last week!  My shelves and refrigerator were empty– so a major grocery shopping trip was accomplished and eased some of the unready feelings.  We braved the new Ikea to buy that new dresser we really needed when the last baby was born so we could have a place to keep clothes and blankies.  I think my body was just trying to tell me to get with it, stop dilly-dallying.  There will be a baby coming next week, or the next.  My days with Hunter as the baby are numbered– as are my days of needing help rolling over in bed.

Last night, as the sky looked like this:

FULL rainbow!

I relished in the wonderful day I had swimming with my kids and stocked my freezer with 3 pans of Chicken Enchiladas.  Today is Lasagna day.

And I’m feeling ready– with each day a little more.




new! new! new!

How do you like my new blog design?  My superhero computer genius has been hard at work for a few weeks getting it all ready while I’ve been finishing up

…drum roll please…

the Saddle Bag pattern!!!

saddlebag pattern cover

It’s ready and up in my shop.  I’ve got a new SweetPod section of my site too, so check it out.

I have to say that my pattern testers were stupendous.  Thanks so much for your hard work and input Jodi and RaeLyn.

Here’s RaeLyn’s:

And here’s Jodi’s:

Aren’t that fluffy hair and flower head band on baby Tess irresistible, not to mention those legs?

Their bags turned out great!  I can’t wait to see what all of you come up with!

stuff I made and mailed away

Here are a few things I made lately and then sent them away.

a gift sweetpod

My brother served a 2 year mission in Mexico and a friend from there just had her first baby.  She wanted a baby carrier that was more than a long piece of fabric, so I made this up for her.

zipper and lining

The lining is a honeydew green which I think is a fun surprise.

rolled up

I’m also behind on some baby gifts, but it’s always nice to get a surprise when your baby is 8 months old, right?  And the weather now is just right for a Sweet Pea pilot cap or two.

sweet pea pilot caps

I found this pig fabric a while ago at The Fancy Tiger which was crying out to be made into bibs.

piggy bibs

Wouldn’t you agree that piggies are for bibs?

a new SweetPod for the journey

Before our trip I received a little box of labels I had ordered with the SweetPod logo on them.  (More about that very soon!)  I was also in the process of perfecting my Saddlebag pattern.  I just HAD to have a carrier and bag with the new labels, and it seemed trekking through the airport with all the kids in tow, along with all of the other things we had planned for our trip, would be the perfect opportunity to really test out the bag and carrier together and see if there was more tweaking to do.  That, and I had some beautiful Anna Maria Horner Sketchbook fabric begging to be made into a SweetPod set.

on top of pawtuckaway

I have to tell you that my SweetPod really made the whole trip that much better.  With Hunter in the carrier and Ian in a stroller, getting through the airport wasn’t too bad.  (I don’t think going through security with 5 kids will ever be enjoyable, though.)  It was so nice to have my hands free, and my bag was just the right size for the necessary diapers, wipes, and board books.  We didn’t take pictures in the airport, though, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say it made things easier.

from the lookout tower

We did take it just about everywhere else, though.  Hunter had a safe, comfy place to see the view from the fire tower at Pawtuckaway.

off the T

We navigated the “T” (the trains and subways in Boston) with the Saddlebag attached.

around Boston

on the way to Paul Revere's house

And hiked 2 1/2 miles of the Freedom Trail to places like Faneuil Hall and Paul Revere’s house.  (Did you know Paul Revere had 16 kids?  I thought 5 was a lot of kids!)

checking out the turkeys

We also made a trip to a farm near Barry’s sister’s home in Massachusetts with the toddler on my back some more.

up on cider hill

I have to say that the Saddlebag passed the test with flying colors.  Now to get those changes I made onto the pattern pieces in my computer and those pesky illustrations done.  I need super human powers, I tell ya.

Oh, and did you notice the labels?  I’ll show them up close soon.