carving out a corner

baby corner

Here’s Eva’s corner in my room– full of things that could each be a blog post in and of themselves.

a new moses basket and hand knits

There’s the new Moses basket I designed that will be my next baby gear sewing pattern (the SweetPod Sleep Spot maybe?), new handknit booties and hat for a fresh head and toes…

newborn diaper stash

the newborn diapers all freshly washed and waiting…

hexagon stripe quilt

a newly slip-covered rocking chair and a hexagon stripe quilt…

On Monday I had contractions every 10 minutes ALL DAY LONG– from about 7:30 in the morning until 9:30 or so at night.  While I could tell that it wasn’t quite the real thing yet I also felt like it could turn very real any second.  I was on a roller coaster of thought and emotion.  I wasn’t ready!  I need this one last week!  My shelves and refrigerator were empty– so a major grocery shopping trip was accomplished and eased some of the unready feelings.  We braved the new Ikea to buy that new dresser we really needed when the last baby was born so we could have a place to keep clothes and blankies.  I think my body was just trying to tell me to get with it, stop dilly-dallying.  There will be a baby coming next week, or the next.  My days with Hunter as the baby are numbered– as are my days of needing help rolling over in bed.

Last night, as the sky looked like this:

FULL rainbow!

I relished in the wonderful day I had swimming with my kids and stocked my freezer with 3 pans of Chicken Enchiladas.  Today is Lasagna day.

And I’m feeling ready– with each day a little more.




7 thoughts on “carving out a corner

  1. I am so excited for you. Everything looks great. I hope you find the time in future to talk about that quilt. I love it. And that baby basket looks amazing. I think I need another baby so I can sew some baby gear for it.

    Hope everything goes well. Love you

  2. Wow, contractions every 10 minutes. It’s getting close! I’m glad you were able to get some things done. Way to go! I love your quilt, it turned out so cute! Can’t wait to see the little one!

  3. Oh boy! a baby soon on the way! Maybe that’s why im up this am at 2am EDT! My heart is excited for you! keep us posted! I guess that’s what Becca and I will be doing this week without Jason in tow.. (Webelos over night camp) we’ll be able to swoon over baby clothes :) She is excited to see the baby even if its only over the skype. and clothe this little girl. Shes picked out a cute bib, and something else can’t recall what.. but anyhow I’ll show her the update of this blog. Love to you and that precious little girl in you!

  4. So pretty!

    Babies grow too fast! Mine is already almost five months old! How does that happen?

    Girl things are so fun after a bunch of boys, aren’t they?


  5. Whoa and Wow, you have been busy!! Looks so cute and fresh. Can’t waite :-)

  6. Seedpod Craft » Blog Archive » major progress!

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