stuff I made and mailed away

Here are a few things I made lately and then sent them away.

a gift sweetpod

My brother served a 2 year mission in Mexico and a friend from there just had her first baby.  She wanted a baby carrier that was more than a long piece of fabric, so I made this up for her.

zipper and lining

The lining is a honeydew green which I think is a fun surprise.

rolled up

I’m also behind on some baby gifts, but it’s always nice to get a surprise when your baby is 8 months old, right?  And the weather now is just right for a Sweet Pea pilot cap or two.

sweet pea pilot caps

I found this pig fabric a while ago at The Fancy Tiger which was crying out to be made into bibs.

piggy bibs

Wouldn’t you agree that piggies are for bibs?

3 thoughts on “stuff I made and mailed away

  1. Love the fabric on the bibs and love the baby carrier! I have some of the same blue dot Denyse Schmidt fabric and haven’t used it yet. I love how you paired it with the solid brown.

  2. Wow! It looks like you have been busy. Those piggies are really cute. The baby carrier is WAY out of my league but I may try my hand one day on those pilot caps…

  3. such cute fabric! I need to try making your sweetpod. I made a mei tei a while ago, and it’s great but I want to try a soft structured carrier. also need to make some of the sweet pea pilot caps. though, again, my little man doesn’t like to wear hats much. hmph.

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