a pinwheel quilt

flappy pinwheel quilt

My sweet friend Rachel moved on Friday, so we threw her a going away party/ baby shower because she’s expecting her 5th baby along with all the excitement of moving.  I’m not good at taking photos of things when I’m busy, so you don’t get to see the flower arrangements I made with little paper pinwheels in them, but I did sneak in some pictures of her pinwheel quilt, even if they are in bad light.

the whole thing from the top

The little pinwheels are little flaps for the baby to play with.

3-D pinwheel

All the colored fabrics are from my scrap bags.  I just bought a yard of white for the top and a yard of navy blue for the back and binding.  Thrifty, eh?

baby boy pinwheel quilt

Here’s a detail of the back.  I pieced some scraps into a field of solid navy blue.

back detail

I’m hoping that this will insure that Rachel never forgets me…

I got this done while quarantined here with little boys with pink-eye and puking.  This parenting thing is not for wimps.

4 thoughts on “a pinwheel quilt

  1. Look at all those perfectly lined up pieces. Your work is just beautiful. Also, I cant imagine anyone ever being able to forget you once they have called you friend. You have a magical way of changing people for the better. Love you.

  2. Oh, it’s gorgeous! Your pinwheels look perfect, and I love the flaps, so fun! And, I agree with April…your friendship is magical.

  3. I’m sure she’ll never forget you… just like you and April :-) Love the quilt. Love the pin wheels. Love the back.

    I finished the back for my chicken quilt Saturday. A friend asked why I would go to that much work on a back and my answer was Why Not?! I am FREE to “create / design” anything I want on the “back” and you do see the back when you use a quilt so I haven’t figured out why people don’t think that side is fun or important too.

    Am I coming into pink eye? Better bring my herbs… See you Wednesday!!! Yipee!!! xoxoxo

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