now she’s 6 months and has a new sweater


Here she is, a big 6 month old wearing her new sweater.  The pattern is Camilla Babe from Quince and Co., but I used a cotton blend yarn by Berocco called Weekend.  (Brenna’s was Weekend Chunky.)

toes and toys

I love knitting wool yarn.  I love the thought of wearing sweaters knit with wool.   I, however, do not really like wearing wool in real life.  It itches.  Alpaca, cashmere, mohair, angora, sheep’s wool– they all make my skin crawl even if I have a turtle neck underneath.  I can stand super wash merino, but it gets so pilly and fuzzy.   Does that make me a bad knitter?  The purist in me says yes, it does.  Only wool yarn is REAL.  I almost feel like it is akin to my feelings about whipped topping.  Cool Whip is not real food and will never enter my lips.  It’s real cream for me or nothing.  I really feel so torn about the real yarn thing.  Part of me feels like if it is part plastic or acrylic or whatever you want to call it, it is not real yarn and should not be knit.  BUT I do not like to itch and I do not like my children to make me itch.  So, I am trying to come to terms with my notions of REAL knitting and loving and wearing the things I knit.  I’m trying to embrace a little acrylic in my yarn because it is soft and doesn’t torture my nose hairs.

new trick and new sweater

Now, back to this cute baby of mine.  She can sit up!  I weighed myself holding her yesterday and she’s about 20 pounds.  I think that means that tomorrow I will be pulling out the 9-12 month clothes.  Geesh.

babies slobber

I knit the 6 month size of sweater and it will fit her for a good long while, which is fantastic at the rate she is growing.  The neck is a bit bigger than I would like, so I’m waffling about ripping the last fan repeat at the neck back and adding in more decrease rows.

new sweater

The color is super cute on her, but then again, she is just super cute.  All. the. time.

5 thoughts on “now she’s 6 months and has a new sweater

  1. wow I see alot of Brenna in her face as she sat up then when she was laying down i saw Hunter. wow! cute face!

  2. Very cute, love the color, AND she is SITTING UP, oh my. I agree with Jean, she is a combo of Brenna & Hunter.

  3. She is a doll baby! So cute! I love the sweater you made, and I think it is better in soft cotton. My little guy is going to be a year old soon, and I never remember feeling so torn up at my babies growing up before.

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