a backyard addition

We live in a great neighborhood with lots of kids nearby, but living in suburbia has left us with a backyard that is pretty uninspiring.  Our yard in Ohio has become a legend and when my dreams of rural living with lots of space for kids and chickens to roam didn’t pan out quite how I envisioned with our move to Colorado I was left wondering what my kids would do outside.  We have a trampoline and a sand box and lots and lots of rocks, but I have been scouring craigslist for a play ground of some kind for years.  Then one day a neighbor called to ask if we’d want a big wooden play set– for free.  YES!

We borrowed a little old pick-up from a friend and hauled the heavy pieces home in a few trips.

play set in pieces



a break from heavy lifting





tire swing



It was hard work, but totally worth it.  We’re a few days into it now so the tire swing squabbles have subsided and my little boys are loving LIVING at the park.

One thought on “a backyard addition

  1. Love it!!! How exciting and fun for the summer. Eva looks SO cute and Hunter is turning more and more in to a little boy… looks like he is slimming down from his toddler chubbies.

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