pigtails with curls

Christmas girl

It’s been a while since I popped in here.  We had a wonderful trip to Boise for Thanksgiving and along with that trip we all got sick again.  There has been no puking this time, thank goodness, just fevers and sore throats and coughs that are very stubborn.  I know I need to post photos of glorious visits with friends and family, but today I’m living in the moment.

And this moment that I captured from this day makes me smile inside and out.  My little Eva has enough hair to have 2 little pig tails on top of her head.  I made some curly little bows yesterday to match her new Christmas outfit and used them today– along with the curling iron.

So, so, so cute!

first pigtails

Doesn’t that get you in the Christmas spirit?

2 thoughts on “pigtails with curls

  1. Those pigtails and the way she’s clutching her little dolly make me smile inside and out too. It so reminds me of Katie’s curly pigtails, except I didn’t need a curling iron to make Katie’s curly. You’d never know it now, though. While still beautiful, her hair is long and straight.

    Well, the day has arrived! Tomorrow is c-section day. We’re so excited to meet our little Elliana! Wish us luck!

  2. Cute ribbons, cute pigtails, cute clutching baby, cute cute Eva! :-)

    Fun to see my “safe” tree ornaments there in the background.

    Congrats to Tara too!!!

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