holiday update– thanksgiving

Hello blog readers.  I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, my computer time has just dwindled to near non-existent these past few months.  That is actually a pretty good thing in general, but not so good for blogging.  Right now I’m going to post some photos from our time in Boise with my family for Thanksgiving.  I know Thanksgiving is old news, but that’s where I’m starting with my catching up intentions.

backyard football thanksgiving 2012

I sure married the right guy.  I love that one of his main goals in life is to have fun.  On Thanksgiving morning he insisted that we all head out to the backyard to have our own Turkey Bowl.  It was everyone else against us Crokers.  We got creamed, but it was super fun and funny.

backyard football thanksgiving 2012

I see a lot of these pictures of this game and think “Man, I have a lot of hair.”

backyard football thanksgiving 2012

And this picture– do I think I’m going to catch that ball 15 feet above my head?  Very silly.

backyard football thanksgiving 2012

It was lots of silly fun.  These pictures were taken by my mom, but she was in there a bit too.

Afterward we cooked and ate a lot of good food, but I think this was the memorable part for me.

family photos Thanksgiving 2012

We also trekked over to the playground for a family photo.

all the cousins

the baby girls

Look at these perfect cuties.  Less than 2 weeks apart in age, but miles apart in hair and size!!

I love my family.  I wish we lived closer…

Other random catching up news:

-We are moving to the Washington DC area in July.  Do you know homeschoolers in the area?  If you do, let me know!!

-I’m going up to yoga teacher training next week.  I will not have to cook a meal, change a diaper, or ignore screaming for a week and a half.  I’m completely excited and terrified all at once.

-Eva regularly climbs onto top bunks, empties drawers, and colors on herself with markers.

This week I will post some homemade Christmas goodness.

Next week I will post from my phone thoughts about yoga.

See you here soon!

2 thoughts on “holiday update– thanksgiving

  1. It looks like such a fun trip. You will love DC. I do know some homeschoolers in Centreville/Manassas/Gainesville areas…where will you be living?

  2. I love the hat with the beard! Looks cute on Tyler! Mary lives in Harper’s Ferry WEst Virginia. There are lots of home schoolers in her ward. She told one of them about you and she said to look at HOpe that helps.

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