a few jumps






With 6 kids it is often hard to figure out how to divide my attention the right way.  I so want my kids know that they are loved and that I value the things they want to do.  Admittedly, looking at the fine details of yet another Lego guy or jumping on the tramploline with a very bossy 2 year old are not always on the top of my list of things I want to do– but when I give myself fully to that moment the rewards are great.  I’m learning that my full presence and attention for just 5 or 10 minutes can fill them up and set them free to play and explore on their own for quite awhile, but if I persist that I’m too busy then they pester and whine for much longer than that and we are both left frusterated.  Who wants that?

Really, a few jumps can be pure joy.

2 thoughts on “a few jumps

  1. How true this is…something I need to remember as the craziness of the school year winds into full gear. 5-10 minutes of full attention, and sometimes even joy, can spare me hours of nagging and whining.

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