unveiling the new hobby

I have a japanese maple tree right outside the window by our kitchen table. The leaves are such brilliant colors, it’s branches so delicate, and the seed helicopters so perfectly miniature.


I’m a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and have always thought one of those little maple helicopters in silver would be my dream necklace– so I searched for just the right thing on etsy and never found it. In the process I read about pmc (precious metal clay), which you can sculpt like regular clay, then fire it, and you’re left with 99.9% pure silver. A little more searching and I came across this and I decided to try it out.

Here’s the nature-girl jewelry! I’m hooked! I love making things that have some magic to them– starting with one thing, ending up with another. These are some of my first attempts. The one on the card is a birthday present for someone :)

10 thoughts on “unveiling the new hobby

  1. We have a japanese maple as well. My husband wanted it so we bought/planted it last fall. How big has yours grown?

  2. They are so beautiful!!! Yayy!!! :) You are so incredibly talented, young lady! :)

  3. Way cool. I LOVE the card too! (Nature-girl Jewlery… perfect name:-) She will love it. (I checked out the pictures of her kids… so cute, growing so much)

  4. it came!! i love it so much. how did you know that i have been secretly dreaming of buying a necklace for myself if only i could find the right one. the little helicopters are perfect and i don’t imagine they’ll be removed from my neck any time soon. i am totally impressed by the detail and how talented you are. thank you so much. oh and i understand what you mean by the double edge sword; although i love it so much, it makes me miss you more.

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