what I did while my contractions were 30 minutes apart

The handmade toy swap deadline is today.  I got my doll finished last weekend while my body was getting ready to have a baby.  Here’s the play by play:

sewing on the body

sewing on the body

making feet

wrapping hair

sewing on hair

she's done

I’ll show her to you with clothes once the recipient gets her.  Don’t want to totally give away the surprise.

7 thoughts on “what I did while my contractions were 30 minutes apart

  1. She’s so sweet! And what a great way to kill time while waiting for baby. Congratulations on your newest handsome boy!

  2. Wow! I am so excited and I feel very lucky. I can’t wait to see her in person!

  3. Jess she is so cute.. Becca is asking if it could pissible if she could get one? She loves handmade toys! “maybe for my birthday or Christmas?” she asks. I told her no promises. let me know.

  4. I love following your blog!! You are an inspiration- I am so happy for you and your new baby!! Congratulations!!!

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