birthday at Tahoe

On Wednesday I turned 31.  That sounds so grown up.  I am now in my 30s.  Geesh.  When I was younger I had this idea that I would accomplish amazing things by the time I was 30.  You know, like have art hung in galleries throughout the world, a book or two published, things like that.  I guess what I have done– being married for nearly 11 years, given birth to 5 kids, lived all over the country– are pretty good things, especially that being married part and having all those little humans.  Those books and art gallery exhibitions will just have to wait their turn.

To celebrate my birthday I got to do my favorite thing–  walk around outside in an amazingly beautiful place with my very favorite person in the whole universe.

birthday at Tahoe

Barry spent part of the week being a judge at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Reno, Nevada.  We found a babysitter for the four biggest kids so that Hunter and I could tag along.  I had my first casino experience (our hotel was a casino, so we got to walk through it over and over) –not too impressive, just really disorienting and stinky.  Other than that, the trip was so relaxing.  I got to do things like nap and shop for jeans that actually fit, and best of all drive up the mountain to see Lake Tahoe, the lake of amazing turquoise water.


birthday at Tahoe

litle head

I didn’t think to bring Hunter a hat.  He did have a burp rag on his head most of the time, just not for pictures.  You know, having just one baby is a piece of cake.  He was so good.

can't get over the colors

so beautiful

I have a friend who grew up here by Lake Tahoe.  Her dad just decided that he needed to raise his family in a cool place, so he packed up his wife and 8 kids, moved to a little town by the lake, and started a business doing accounting.  They had a tiny house for such a large family, but there were those mountains and that water– way better than a big house. While we were driving around we tried to figure out how we could get that plan to work out for us.  When we got home Barry checked  Um, well, I think $3 million- $16 million is a little out of our price range.  A girl can dream though, right?

 Happy birthday to me!

(All of these photos were shot by Barry, the non-babywearer on this trip.)

8 thoughts on “birthday at Tahoe

  1. Happy birthday Jessica! I think the things you have accomplished are the most amazing things of all. You are such a fantastic mother and craft artist! Your blog has reached so many people and everyone who reads it is in awe of your talents. You never cease to amaze me with all the beautiful things you create while creating that most beautiful of all things – an eternal family!

  2. happy birthday! what a nice way to spend your the pictures of the lake. i’ve never been to lake looks gorgeous!

  3. Happy birthday. I lived in Reno during my high school, late teen years and I LOVE Lake Tahoe. During my misspent youth we played hooky many days in many seasons to go to the lake to ski, sunbathe or just walk around. It has an amazing, surreal beauty. I haven’t been in years but your photos brought back some incredible memories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. happy birthday!!! mine was just a few days after yours. ;^)

    i love that tahoe plan — share the details with me if you figure it out! :^)

  5. Happy Birthday, Jess! I’m so glad that it was a good trip for you! :) Yayy! :) They are really beautiful pictures!

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