sewing for little bums

The first thing I ever really researched and obsessed over using the internet was cloth diapers.  I figured it all out with help from many, many online cloth diaper users and sellers and makers, many of which aren’t around anymore, some who are under different names and locations.  My main source of information was the FAQs at the One Stop Diaper Shop (now Very Baby) and the Diaper Pin.  Anyway, back then I tried my hand at sewing some diapers, but it was a long process to get just one done without a serger or a snap press.

Just a few weeks ago Jessica came out with a one size version of her fitted diaper pattern with a snapless option, and since I do have a serger now I thought I’d give it a go.

Very Baby one size diaper

I learned that serging around curves is hard.  It is definitely something that needs more practice and time than I had to give it.  I made 3 with stretch terry on the outside and velour on the inside.  (I don’t know what I was thinking with my color choices, though.)  My chubby baby likes to pull them out of the laundry basket and bring them to me so I’ll put one on him.

Very Baby one size diaper

I’m a big fan of one-size diapers.  I absolutely loved my Mother Ease One-sizers when they were in their prime.  They lasted through 3 babies, but by the time they got to this guy they were scratchy and stinky.  Very Baby one size diaper

I’m not sure about the snappi fastener on these, though.  My climbing, running, climbing, dancing, climbing baby seems to get his diaper all wadded up.  If I could somehow find 2 days to sew I would get myself a snap press and push through making a dozen of these the real way.

I’ve also got another bum that needs covered.  We’re working on the potty learning here with Ian, but it’s a process.  I hate putting him in diapers, though, so I’m making him some Tinkle Time Trainers.  They offer more protection than the training pants you can find at Target, can snap off for messy accidents, but still feel like underwear.

tinkle time trainer

tinkle time trainer

I’ve got one done.  Let’s see how long it lasts today.

And let’s see how many more I can get done.

5 thoughts on “sewing for little bums

  1. Welcome back to the world of cloth diapers :) Glad Hunter likes them! Maybe we can find at least an afternoon to sew soon…not the 2 days we all need, but a start, right?

    They look great!

  2. We’re having the snappi issue here too, so I’m actually using diaper pins. I’ve got the hang of it though so it’s pretty fast. I use the Snappis if I stick the whole thing under a Snug Wrap and then my babe can’t walk out of it. Ha.

  3. I love the trainers. Thank you for the link to them. We have an older child night time issue and I HATE using sposie pull ups for night time. 😛 I also hate washing bedding every day.

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