happy thanksgiving

lovely light

I’m popping in today to tell you all I’m thankful for you!  The other day I was at a neighborhood park and someone came up to me and asked, “Are you Jessica?”  Turns out she was a blog reader.  She had e-mailed me once to ask about a place we had hiked, but had never commented.  It was fun to chat with her, see her family, feel like we had something in common.  I left wondering how many people are out there reading this.  Well, to all of you, I’m thankful for you.  I’m thankful for this place to share the things I actually accomplish and finish, to share what I love, to archive the best parts of my life.

I’m also thankful that the holidays are near.  This whole month has been quite a challenge because Barry has been gone for training and only able to be home on weekends.  I am SO thankful that I am not a single parent.  I forget how disorganized and messy I naturally am when my partner in this crazy big-family-homeschooling endeavor is not around.  It’s good for me to realize that I seem on top of things because he helps me so much.

So, the kids and I are heading down to Colorado Springs to try out Dad’s hotel room for a night, watch TV (oh, the things that are a treat!), take a dip in the pool, eat out… and then come home and cook some turkey.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend that is full of everything good.

deer creek canyon

Photos by me (the top) and Brenna (the bottom) from our hike in the foothills this past weekend.

2 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving

  1. hi! back at you ! we are no whers packed up van wise. its cleaned, vacuumed, and ready for a dog crate, luggage, snack food, three dvds, ramp for dog to get in and out.. snow stuff just in case, and i first have to pack my stuff. everyone but mom is packed. (they did a awesome job under Marks instruction!) but tonight it’s the carrier of cub scout popcorn stuff.. and I mean lots of it!

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