the kids’ most favorite day


baby in the bowl



The jack-o-lantern carving is done and today is the big day.  I think my kids like Halloween as much a Christmas.  What could be better than dressing up and eating candy?

2 thoughts on “the kids’ most favorite day

  1. Eleven days from now we celebrate something alike Haloween in the Netherlands, sint maarten, at wich children walk from door to door with their home-made lanterns singing sint maarten-songs. I am intensely looking forward to it:-)

    And haha Eva. She looks so funny!

  2. And then there is this one. I was laughing so hard over Eva that I was crying. SO CUTE!!! What was she doing, trying to taste the guts? :-)
    Got to love it. So funny. Tyler and Dad got a kick out of it too. So glad you post pictures!!!

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