toy swap wrap up

I swapped this:

finished doll

for this:

stick horse

(I swapped the toys, not the cute almost 2 year old.)

I was lucky to live in the same city as my swap partner, so she came over to my house to do the deal so I wouldn’t have to venture out so soon ofter having a baby.  She was so sweet with such a cute little girl.  I’m excited to have a new crafty friend.  Thanks Sadie!  I hope your girls like the doll.  My cowboys are certainly riding their horse.

(More pictures of the horse making here.)

One of those days

I am super tired and was feeling like I hadn’t done anything today– like it was one of those wasted days– but now that I’m sitting down and thinking back over our day I realize it wasn’t half bad.  School didn’t go quite how I had hoped.  Laundry is clean, but not folded.  The kids were bored, so I let them all have extra computer time, but didn’t get around to helping anyone make their first blog entry.  There are dirty dishes in the sink because I couldn’t fit them all in the dishwasher…

But I came downstairs this morning to find this:

I came downstairs this morning to this...

a table set with a table cloth and real dishes and spread with hot pancakes and scrambled eggs.  They made them ALL BY THEMSELVES.  There was cheese in the eggs.  The pancakes were made from scratch from a recipe in a cook book.  All the dishes they used were stacked neatly by the sink.  There wasn’t a trace of egg shells on the counters.  Amazing.  (That, and poor Brenna has broken out in an itchy rash from head to toe–a reaction the Amoxacillin she’s taking for strep throat. )

I think they were feeling bad for their poor, humongous mother who couldn’t even walk by the end of the day yesterday.  I ran errands all day and I guess all that being up on my feet helped the baby sink even deeper into my pelvis and pinch a nerve in my left hip.  Even this morning I wasn’t able to put much weight on my left leg without it hurting really bad or just giving out all together.  I need crutches or something.  It’s ridiculous!  There have been stretches of time when it was all just fine, but then I feel the baby move and I’m a cripple again.  Geesh.

So, there was a lot of sitting on the couch for me.  I knit and got a little further on my doll.

toy swap WIP

toy swap WIP

Now she’s a head with arms.

So what I hung out in my jammies all day and nearly everything on my list of things to get done went out the window?  I have an 8, 6, and 4 year old self sufficient enough to make a real breakfast.  I got to snuggle and enjoy my little baby, who won’t be a baby much longer, and watch him coo over and hug and kiss and feed his Boy and his Baby (an old doll he found over the weekend that Brenna never played with, but he has grown completely attached to).  I got to sit on the couch and watch my kids draw and play legos while I sewed and knit.

It’s all okay.  It wasn’t a wasted day after all.

acting on impulse

Yesterday I impulsively signed up for this handmade toy swap.  Like I need to add a time consuming toy to my list of getting-ready-for-baby crafting that I want to get done in the next few weeks.  I decided to get right on it because, really, I wanted an excuse to make another doll.  It is so fun to see them come to life. Here’s today’s play by play.

First, there’s the head form.  This isn’t a totally kosher Waldorf doll because the materials aren’t completely natural– I’m using panty hose instead of cotton tubular stockinette because that’s what I’ve got laying around here.  It’s stuffed with wool, though!

toy swap WIP

Gotta cover that crazy looking lump with skin.

toy swap WIP

and give it a face…

toy swap WIP

Ahh, there she is!

toy swap WIP

Also, February 10th the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act goes into affect.  You can read all about it here, but in a nutshell congress passed a law to protect our kids from toxic chemicals in massed produced toys from China and didn’t think of all the ramifications of their new regulation.  Now ANY product marketed for use by children must undergo third party testing, which is fine for huge mega companies, but for moms sewing cloth diapers in their homes, or artists selling clothing or toys on etsy, this will essentially put them out of business.  Hopefully the powers that be will see the light and make some exemptions for small businesses.  It will be a sad day when the ONLY options we have for buying toys are those mass produced, lifeless plastic things…