new! new! new!

How do you like my new blog design?  My superhero computer genius has been hard at work for a few weeks getting it all ready while I’ve been finishing up

…drum roll please…

the Saddle Bag pattern!!!

saddlebag pattern cover

It’s ready and up in my shop.  I’ve got a new SweetPod section of my site too, so check it out.

I have to say that my pattern testers were stupendous.  Thanks so much for your hard work and input Jodi and RaeLyn.

Here’s RaeLyn’s:

And here’s Jodi’s:

Aren’t that fluffy hair and flower head band on baby Tess irresistible, not to mention those legs?

Their bags turned out great!  I can’t wait to see what all of you come up with!

8 thoughts on “new! new! new!

  1. Ooh I love that it clips off so you can use it as a purse! Where did Jodi find that amazing fabric? It’s something I would love to buy. Great work on your bag it looks awesome!

  2. Horray, Horray! Hopefully soon I’ll have a matching sweetpod and can share photos in action :) The site looks awesome too. School will start late today as I just HAVE to check it all out.

  3. Such a fantastic pattern! I’m so in love with my new saddle bag and have gotten so many compliments on it. Thanks, Jessica!

    Shannon, the fabric I used is Amy Butler Lacework in Sage from her Lotus collection. Since it’s just quilting weight cotton, I interfaced it to give it more structure when making my bag :)

  4. Awesome! The site looks so professional. Very, very nice. I like the seeds across the top. The saddle bags are so cute. The pattern looks awesome, again so professional. Very good all of you, including Barry!!! Hunter & Tess are perfect models :-)

  5. Thanks Jodi! I’m going to have to check it out. I love the orange polka dots! Great eye! Jess the blog looks awesome—buttons are my fav!

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