buried and found

october leaves

big and little

burying herself

Just popping in to say happy weekend.  It’s been a relaxing one for us so far.  The weather is perfect fall, there are leaves to rake and jump into, and cute kids to soak up.

What are you up to?

two babies and some spelunking

Today I bring you some non-phone photos of our trip.  If you read my previous post you might remember that our plans got a bit rearranged.  Originally we were going to drive to Boise for Labor Day weekend, but the night before we were going to head out Hunter was up with a cough.  ALL NIGHT LONG.  Normally that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but just days before a friend called to let me know that her daughter had been diagnosed with whooping cough, so my kids had been exposed.  We decided that a trip to the doctor was in order, just in case, and then we decided to wait on test results before we left.  It gave us a wonderful long weekend where we had nothing that we had to do.  We bought a fire pit for the back yard, roasted marshmallows, camped out, played guitars and sang silly songs.  Sometimes things not going according to plan is exactly what is needed, and it was.

I decided that I would do the drive by myself the next week.  It was exhausting and empowering all at once.  We stopped in Utah to visit dear friends, then headed up to eastern Idaho to visit my brother and his family.  Can you believe these are the only photos I have of that part of the visit?

little girls eating

all done

Those little cousins were so super cute– opposites in every way.  Savanna is bald– Eva has out of control fluff. Eva weighs 22 lbs. and Savanna is something like 15 lbs.  Savanna eats a ton of whatever you offer her– Eva just gave her food to Savanna.

While we were in eastern Idaho we also had a quick visit with my dear friends Jessica and Tracy.  I have no photographic evidence.  Our kids loved each other and played like they had just seen each other yesterday.  Poor Tracy laid on the couch with her hurt hip.  Jessica, in all her skinniness, ate roasted veggies from her garden and shared with me the finer points of Sparrow Girls.  One wonderful part of this trip is that I got to spend time with friends that I wish I could just pack up in my pocket and take with me everywhere I go.  Jessica and Tracy are two of those friends.  My friend Erin in Utah is another one.

On the way to Boise from Blackfoot we went to Craters of the Moon National Monument.  Every time we’ve done this drive I’ve wanted to go, but put it off for want of just getting there (either Boise or home).  This time I did it.  I took 6 kids to the crazy, other worldly landscape out in the middle of no where.  I, the lone adult, took 6 kids through lava caves.  It did take me 3 times as long to feed them lunch, clean up from lunch, get shoes on those 12 feet, and get on the trail than it would have had Barry been with me– but I did it!  It was worth the memories.

craters of the moon

ready for spelunking

always on my back

hike through the lava


one little spelunker

down into indian tunnel

at the mouth

climbing around the rocks

toward an opening

back on the surface

what big brothers are for

when Granny and Papa were here

My parents came to visit and we packed as much into the short time they were here as we could.  Right after we picked them up from the airport we packed lunch and headed to Castlewood Canyon for a hike to the “rock forts” as my kids call them.

papa hiking with the boys

up in a little cave

along the cliff

scaling the cliff


fun rocks


Granny, Papa, Eva

hiker dog

these two are so serious

hiking down

The next day our sweet Logan got baptized.  He planned the service himself, picked the songs, made phone calls to his Primary teacher and our Home Teacher for talks, asked his sister and piano teacher to give prayers.  Barry baptized him and he asked my dad to confirm him.  It was so sweet and beautiful and a wonderful reflection of Logan and who he is and who he loves at this time in his life.

baptism day

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get a picture and Logan and Papa together.

On the last day their flight didn’t leave until 9:00 pm, so we had some adventures that day too.  The weather was perfect for visits to Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks.

Our tour guide Dan-o-saurus took us back 150 million years to touch some stegosaurus bones.  You can then the bones from the rest of the rock because of their color, texture, and taste (so Jonah licked the rock).

touch stegasaurus bones

Here are some dinosaur foot prints from underneath.

dino footprint from underneath

Logan is being stepped on by an apatosaurus.

Logan being stepped on by an apatasaurus

the sign

iguanadon footprints!!

Back in the 1930s when they were building Alameda Highway they uncovered this field of iguanadon foot prints.  The footprints are colored in with charcoal to make them more visible.  Pretty amazing, huh?

little Hunter with a baby inguanadon footprint

the field of dinosaur footprints at Dinosaur Ridge

We made a quick stop at Red Rocks to see it, then wandered around Ikea for lunch on the way home.

at Red Rocks

We love you Granny and Papa!  It was so fun to have you here.  See you again soon!


YMCA of the Rockies

While Barry’s mom was here we also spent a weekend up at the YMCA of the Rockies.   We stayed for 2 nights in one of the hotel-like lodges (sans air conditioning and TV or course), and ate all our meals in the camp cafeteria.  That’s a pretty easy get away– no food to plan or pack.  My very favorite thing there is the Craft and Design center.  Maybe when I’m old I’ll get to stay there all day a weave a basket or something.  We also drove around Rocky Mountain National Park.  It never gets old.

I love this picture or Eva and I with our squinty eyed smiles.

my baby and me

at bear lake in Rocky Mountain Nationaly Park

mountain chickadee

Do you hear the ECHO… echo… echo… echo?

ECHO, echo, echo

all of us

There was mini golfing.

mini golf with Grandma

mini golf


Soooo big!

SO big!

Elk in the middle of it all.



working at the art center

boys painting

From squatting

from squat

to standing!

to stand

Cafeteria food with a view.

breakfast with a view

At the playground.

sweet peek