an envelope neck shirt and green shorts for inspecting ants

Being the fourth child to go through our boy clothes leaves Hunter wearing a stained onsie (or just a diaper) much more often than I’d like.  What I really want his summer uniform to be is a t-shirt (without crotch snaps) and a diaper– with some shorts to throw on when we need to go in public.

got one

I’ve got the first set done.  I used an old onsie to make the shirt pattern ( you can find a good tutorial for doing that here) and whipped it up out of some creamy cotton jersey knit I had on hand and leftover cotton ribbing from Ian’s batch of tinkle time trainers.  It ended up being shorter on him than I had planned, so I just added a band of ribbing at the bottom instead of hemming it.  I like how it turned out, but I’ll still make the next one longer.

a view of the whole outfit

His shorts I made by tracing a pair that fit well.  With the pattern drafting and all I think they took me an hour.  I think I’ll be able to whip another pair up in half an hour now.  That is, after I make a trip to restock my supply of elastic.

trying to cath 'em

Getting an adventurous toddler to stay still long enough to get photos of his new outfit is a challenge.  Thanks to the ants building a hill in the cracks on our front porch he stayed in the same place for more than half a second.

squat with toe grip

I love how babies squat– how their little toes grip the ground.  It’s the stance of concentration.  They can play like this for long stretches of time, but they’re at the ready to stand right up and hurry to the next thing.

inspecting an ant

Or look at things from a different angle.

In his everyday world this guy is the littlest one around.  He thoroughly enjoys being the big bad monster once in a while.  The ants, on the other hand, aren’t so sure…

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  1. The clothes look great. Love the colors.

    Your little guy is so cute. I love him and I haven’t even met him.

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